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VoloBlades™ are made in the USA.

VoloBlades™ are technique-enhancing paddles, uniquely designed to improve stroke mechanics by focusing energy in the lower palm, during the catch phase, fully engaging the core and large muscle groups. The result is a more powerful and efficient stroke. Both a strengthening as well as self-correcting tool, it can be used for all strokes, promoting excellent form (for more details please read this post.)

What size VoloBlades should I use?

VoloBlades 30 are great for swimmers with smaller hands as well as for breaststroke and sprint.

VoloBlades 45 are great for drills and working on basic technique. They can be used for the entire workout, helping swimmers fine tune their feel for the water, promoting a more efficient stroke.

VoloBlades 60 are larger and great for power sets. They provide more resistance during the pull phase, developing power and strength.

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